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We are a company dedicated to metallic carpentry and the integral construction of metallic elements, especialitzada en tancaments metàl·lics, façanes, fusteries d’alumini o acer, serralleries complexes, escales, baranes, elements singulars i estructures metàl·liques en general.

Among our clients we have construction companies, industries, engineering, official organizations, hotel chains, leisure centers, architects or developers, among others. We work to respond to the needs and demands of our customers, through our departments of project development, budget calculation and technical office.

We collaborate with architects in the design and construction of projects from the beginning, to the end of them. We pay special attention to the quality of the finishes and the functionality of the solutions, having a team of professionals with a great deal of experience in its sector, competent and highly-qualified.

We develop, design, manufacture and install all our products. Being involved in all steps of the project, from the first draft through the final result.

Metallic carpentry

We manufacture and install metallic elements in the building such as railings, furniture, interior design, etc. Depending on the material, we can apply various surface finishes.

Aluminum carpentry

We manufacture and install all kinds of aluminum closures, curtain walls, aluminum windows, carpentry, lattices, aluminum stairs, facade cladding, auctions, etc. We are have been official installers of the Aluminier de Technal network from its beginning.


We build metal structures for residential or industrial buildings. We have qualified engineers with a large experience in the design and calculation of structures.

Metallic steel enclosures

We manufacture and install all types of steel carpentry, curtain walls, carpentry, skylights, partitions, lobby doors, commercial premises, etc., available in steel and in stainless steel. We are Jansen Jansteel certified installers.

Unique metalworks

Given the wide range of services we offer, we are able to carry out comprehensive execution projects and singular works, particularly facades made up of several metallic items, in which due to their complexity, the involvement of just one industrialist, provides a correct finishing and quality of the works.


How we work


Being able to adapt to each job offering the best possible service in each situation paying special attention to the finished product.


Quality and efficiency in the achievement of any project since we work with the best systems for manufacturing and assembly.

Professional team

We work with a team of 30 qualified people to offer the best possible finish and the best quality in each job.


Our technicians collaborate with architects and promoters in the design and preparation of projects from the beginning to the end of them.

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