Poster of the documentary Opus Facere

OPUS FACERE, Chapter 4 - Rehabilitate

OPUS FACERE, the documentary produced by Technal about the winning works in its award-winning architecture, premieres its fourth and final instalment today. On this occasion, together with the OAB studio, we starred in the "Dialogues on the trade between architects and metalworkers". It is discovered how Carlos Ferrater has experienced the rehabilitation of the building that his teacher Roberto Terrades designed in the street of Barcelona in the 1960s. And how Lucía Ferrater and Jordi Montón have shaped and experimented with solutions to get a job well done down to the minimum detail. You can also see how Jon Montero, architect of the jury, explains the reasons that have validated this work the Palmarés Architecture Aluminium Technal in the category Rehabilitate.