3D model of an apartment building

Via Augusta, NyN

Introducing the work in progress of Nuñez & Navarro, which began the summer of 2017 entailing of a residential building, parking and commercial premises, at Via Augusta 349-355, Sarrià – Sant Gervasi. We are currently working on aluminium carpentry of Technal and exterior metalworks, designed by the architect Sonia Casado Juárez. We also carry out decorative features inside the houses and the lobbies, by the interior designer Rosa Rosselló.

ARCHITECT: Sonia Casado
CUSTOMER: Nuñez and Navarro
SITUATION: Via Augusta, 349-355 – Carrer Dolors Monserdà,
7-13 – Carrer de l’Avió Plus Ultra, 24 and 28-30,